The Kingdom at the End of the Driveway

The epic saga of Benjamin Biggs, his kingdom of animal friends and their courageous adventures.

Harvard in the Heartland

From the beginning of Braxton Moral's education in pre-school, to his history-making dual graduation from a Kansas high school and the prestigious Harvard University, the reader will have a glimpse into the ups and downs of his journey.

My Mommy Burnt the Cookies

Readers will enjoy this heartwarming story of how a boy and his mommy made a memory that will last a lifetime.

You're Too Big to Dream Small

As he begins his journey to the professional level,
Ron's first children's book offers some encouraging words to young readers.

Through the Glass

Through the eyes of a four-year-old cancer survivor, this touching story gives you a glimpse into the raw reality of a disease that knows no age boundaries.

Take It From Me

Families of all generations will enjoy Hall of Fame college football coach Bill Snyder's 16 Goals for Success.

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