About the Author

Although Jefferson Knapp was never technically raised in a barn, you couldn’t help but think so judging from his childhood. Growing up in the country outside of Wichita, KS, he had many different pets. He lost his two front teeth at the age of five by being kicked in the face by his horse after smacking it in the rear-end with a broom. “It just felt right at the time,” he recalls. From goats to hamsters, raccoons to a pot-bellied pig and lots in between (including an ornery little pug named Pugsly), animals were always a part of his life.

“A few weird memories that stayed with me ever since I was a kid eventually found themselves shaping the story that became The Kingdom at the End of the Driveway series. The people, animals and locations are all very real to me and will no doubt be shocking to some who weren’t aware that they or their pet had a part to play in this story.”

Exploring the country was a daily activity for Jefferson. After playing outside all day, there was no telling what hole he had just crawled out of. Along with being an author, he is also a Nintendo world record holder. His increasingly popular school visits have left students excited about reading and exploring their surroundings, as well as giving them a new perspective of their pets.

Jefferson Knapp can be reached at: e-mail: jeffknapp@hotmail.com