Arkansas Schools

“Jefferson Knapp was a HUGE hit at Wooster Elementary!!  Students and teachers alike raved over his author visit…..and 25 foot python.  It was intriguing for Mr. Knapp to show the students that he grew up as an ordinary boy in an ordinary place, but took these ordinary things and transformed them into a magical fantasy series using nothing more than his own imagination!!  His books have flown off the shelves since the visit and our students are still talking about it.” 

~ Teri Beth Nokes, Media Specialist, Wooster Elementary, Wooster, AR

“We were all very excited about getting to meet author Jefferson Knapp. We appreciate him coming and sharing his writing experiences and love of books with us. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed his stories and adventures of his childhood. One of our favorite parts of his presentation was his replica of the snake, Farangis. Jefferson is a great motivational speaker and storyteller. He kept the students excited about his books and he also encouraged them to read. The kids couldn’t wait to read his books after his presentation. We are looking forward to his next visit. Thank you very much, Jefferson.”

~ Cathy Gilbreth, Media Specialist, Mountain Pine Elementary, Mtn Pine, AR

“Jefferson Knapp kept the kids captivated with his stories of his younger days and how he got ideas for his books.  His presentation was very informative and entertaining at the same time.  My students are still reserving his books to read. They are looking forward to the third one being released. Teachers praised him for exposing students to the rigorous writing process that authors have to go through to get a book published.”

~ Nona Richey, Library Media Specialist, Beebe Middle School, McRae, AR

Our author visit with Jefferson Knapp was awesome! He kept the audience captivated throughout the entire assembly with his slide show and childhood stories. He’s a very engaging speaker and the kids loved hearing what influenced him to write his books. Of course, the 25 ft. snake replica has inspired some kids to make their own snakes:) The students are excited to read his books! Jefferson Knapp is an author that I would definitely invite back!”

~ Kim Simpson, Media Specialist, Oak Grove Middle School, Paragould, AR

“Jefferson was a hit with our third through sixth grade students! He kept them engaged and involved during the entire presentation. He was very prepared for the event and was here early to set up and be ready for the students. Jefferson took questions at the end and was very generous with his time, even letting some students interview him for our school newspaper! We look forward to future visits from Jefferson.”

~ Dacie Rau, Librarian, Cavanaugh Elementary School, Fort Smith, AR

“Jefferson Knapp was the first author we have ever had speak to our students – he did a SUPER job!  The students were excited and loved hearing his story.  He patiently answered many questions and his books are very popular in our library….a GREAT presentation.”

~ Terry Johnson, Librarian, Greene County Tech Middle, Paragould, AR

“Jefferson was a huge success with all of the students! There is still a waiting list for his books and we purchased several copies. The students were totally engaged and he was very patient and gracious with the students. We were very excited to hear that his third book is ready to read!”

~ Jeanne Trueg, Librarian, Grace Hill Elementary School, Rogers, AR

“FANTASTIC!!  Our students felt empowered to write after his presentation! I am reading The Brave Journey to my classes and they are intensely enthralled and are eagerly ready to read the following books in The Kingdom series.”

~ Katy Harrison, Librarian, Elkins Elementary, Elkins, AR

“Jefferson Knapp was awesome!! The students loved hearing about his childhood and how he came up with the idea for his Kingdom series.  His slideshow and props were great!!  Several of the students just HAD to touch the fake 25 ft. snake.  I highly recommend Jefferson Knapp for a school visit.  He was very personable and the kids were captivated by his presentation.”

~ Lea Ann Fox, Librarian, Booneville Elementary, Booneville, AR

“In October, Jefferson Knapp visited our 5th and 6th graders at Mayflower Middle School in Mayflower, AR.  It was awesome! He has a special way of presenting how he got his idea, characters and settings for his Kingdom at the End of the Driveway series. He kept the students’ attention the whole time. No boredom or down time.”

~ Kay McNeely LMS, Mayflower Middle School, Mayflower, AR

“While engaging the students, Jefferson Knapp did an excellent job presenting the “real life” steps to the writing process.”

~ Heather Hughes, Media Specialist, Cutter Morning Star, Hot Springs, AR

“Jefferson Knapp’s author visit was AMAZING!  He kept the attention of our 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th graders at our school for over an hour! His presentation and humor had the students engaged during his entire presentation.  The students were very interested to find out where his inspiration for different characters and settings came from!  He is very easy going and wonderful to work with!  The teachers loved him as much as the students! I cannot keep his books on my library shelves!  I would highly recommend having him visit your school!  You WON’T be disappointed!”

~ Whitney Nowlin, Librarian, East End Intermediate School, Little Rock, AR

“Jefferson Knapp’s visit to our school was outstanding.  He had a great presentation and it was evident he enjoyed his passion for writing.”

~ Karen Johnson, Librarian, M.D. Williams Intermediate, Pocahontas, AR

“We were so impressed with Jefferson and the visit. The students and I remember something he shared with us every time I read from The Brave Journey. They are very excited about the series!”

~ Pam Thomas, Librarian, Rural Special School, Fox, AR

“Jefferson Knapp held the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders at our school captive for nearly an hour! I didn’t know anyone could do that. He is so kid friendly and easy going. We loved it! His books continue to fly off our library shelves and we are all anxiously awaiting Book 4.”

~ Rhonda Thomason, Landmark Elementary Media Specialist, Little Rock, AR

“We thoroughly enjoyed Jefferson’s visit.  He did a fantastic job getting the students hooked on his books.  They also loved the huge snake that he brought!  It really got their attention. “

~ Sharla Fricks, Librarian, L.F. Henderson Intermediate, Ashdown, AR

“We loved having Jefferson visit our library. The students were entertained and engaged the entire time. Now I can’t keep his books on the shelf!!”

~ Leigh VonderHeide, Librarian, Scranton Elementary, Scranton, AR


Kansas Schools

“Jefferson’s entertaining presentation kept students at the end of their seats and talking about it for days. The Brave Journey is in demand and appeals to all our students!   Everyone is looking forward to more adventures with The Kingdom at the End of the Driveway series.”

~ Sharon McClure, Librarian, Flinthills School, Rosalia, KS

“Mr. Knapp proved himself quite worthy of the title ‘Author’. His presentation was informative, entertaining and kept the students’ attention. The first and second grade classes read The Brave Journey during storytime. Mr. Knapp’s writing style makes his book so easy to read to the children. They are excited for the next book!”

~ Linda Gosche, 2nd Grade Teacher, St. James Catholic School, Augusta, KS

“Jefferson Knapp is truly a great presenter.  He is passionate about his books and is very entertaining.  The most powerful part of his presentation was the effect it had on our students and teachers.  Two teachers got out the books they’ve been working on and have decided to continue working on them and get them published.  The day after the presentation, I had about 10 kids tell me what page they were already on in The Brave Journey! My favorite quote was from a third grader, “Jefferson Knapp was cool.  I wish he was my brother!” It was an easy way for me to get the students excited about reading!”

~ Mary Jane Witt, Librarian, Lincoln Elementary, Junction City, KS

“If you get the opportunity to have Jefferson Knapp visit your school, you should do it.  Not only are his books great, his presentation is very appealing for students.  He kept our students engaged throughout his whole presentation with the use of props, his great sense of humor, and the stories he shared about his childhood.  He inspired our students and motivated our reluctant readers to pick up a copy of his book and read. We currently have a long waiting list of students waiting to read his books. It was a wonderful experience for our students.”

~ Alicia Bunting, Librarian, Morris Hill Elementary, Ft. Riley, KS

“Mr. Knapp’s presentation was every bit as captivating as his books are. The students were enthralled with stories of his childhood home, the pets he has owned and how he has interwove those experiences with the adventures of the characters in his books.  And the monstrous replica of Farangis! …. WOW! They LOVED it!”

~ Mrs. Sharon Koontz, Sedan Elementary Librarian, Sedan KS

“Listening to the childhood stories of Jefferson Knapp was a true delight.  He had the attention of his audience the entire time.  His stories of growing up in the Kansas countryside with many pets and his sense for adventure were ones that many of our students could relate to.  He was such an inspiration how he turned a crazy idea into a successful book series.  The students and I are looking forward to finishing the first book and completing our collection of all 6.”

~ Laura Goss, Reading Interventionist, Charles O. Stones Intermediate, Garden City, KS

“I read ‘The Brave Journey’ to my 4th grade class. The students and I both thoroughly enjoyed the book. We had the rare opportunity to have an author come and discuss their book with the students. Jefferson Knapp gave an excellent presentation! Mr. Knapp told the kids how a boy’s vivid imagination turned into a book series. He showed the students a slide show of real pictures that allowed them to see where he received the inspirations for his books and its characters. This was a great way for the students to see that everyday situations can inspire them if they just open their eyes to their surroundings.”

~ Alicia Phelps, 4th Grade Teacher, Lyndon Elementary, Lyndon, KS

“The author Jefferson Knapp visited our school and talked to our students about his book The Brave Journey.  The presentation included a Power Point that showed photos from his life where he got the many settings for his book. For the kids, making this connection of the author’s life and what they get to read in the book is so meaningful. The kids were totally engrossed in the presentation from the time they walked into the library and saw the huge albino python on the library floor!”

~ Judy George – Grandview Librarian, El Dorado, KS

“Jefferson’s presentations are humorous and his characters come to life right out of his book. Our middle school students enjoyed his visit immensely.”

~ Jan Pippig, El Dorado Middle School Librarian

“Students loved Jefferson’s presentation. They were hooked the minute they walked in the door because of the snake – Farangis. Students could see the book come to life with how Knapp connected his life experiences to the writing of ‘The Brave Journey’.  We can’t wait for book two.”  

~ April Imler, Media Specialist, Sunset Elementary, Newton, KS

“Jefferson visited our school months ago and our students are still talking about the program! They could not believe the model of the snake, Farangis. It was astounding to them that an author lived that close to us and they were all anxious to get his autograph. Several students have asked me for the next book and it will not be out until September. He answered multiple questions about writing and about the characters in his book. Jefferson made a lasting impression on future writers.”

~ Shirley Douglas, Librarian, Central Elementary, Burden, KS

“Jefferson’s presentation was very entertaining. He has great rapport with kids, but the adults loved it as well. His humor kept our attention and his passion about his writing left us wanting more. The kids were so excited to read the book after his presentation that I plan on having multiple copies in the library. We can’t wait for the next book in the series!”

~ Jonna Garbee, Librarian, Oil Hill Elementary, El Dorado, KS

“The school visit was great. The kids were well entertained. The large snake he brought had the kids talking and dreaming on what they could do for several weeks after the visit. We all loved the pictures he shared. The interaction Mr. Knapp had with the kids was perfect. There was a long list of students waiting to read the book after his visit.”

~ Keila Sherman, Librarian, Hamilton Elementary, Hamilton, KS

“Jefferson Knapp’s author presentation was awesome! Our students were spellbound as soon as they walked into the library and saw a 25-foot replica of a pythonm. This was one of the best author visits we have had at our school. When Mr. Knapp left, students were asking to be put on the reserve list for his book. Thank you, Jefferson, for inspiring our students to want to pick up a book and read.”

~ Dina Cooper, Librarian, Cedar Vale Schools, Cedar Vale, KS

“Our students thoroughly enjoyed Jefferson Knapp’s visit to our school. He kept their attention with his personal stories. As a librarian, I was thrilled that he shared his writing process and the importance of writing about what you know. I can’t keep his books on the shelf. They are always checked out.”

~ Cheri Peine, Librarian, Garnett Elementary, Garnett, KS

“Author Jefferson Knapp used props, pictures, and stories to share with our students about his series The Kingdom at the End of the Driveway.  The students were enthralled as they learned more about the exciting mystery books, filled with adventure and interesting characters.  To have an author come to our elementary school inspired the students with both reading and writing.”

~ Pat Stucky, Moundridge Elementary Librarian, Moundridge, KS

“Jefferson Knapp, a young Kansan who has found his calling in writing children’s books, captured the attention of Cottonwood students. His presentation was filled with his life stories, his books’ plot and characters, and eye-catching props. With his easy-going delivery, students learned about the process of writing and re-writing, the many stages of illustrating, and the difficulties he dealt with in publishing.”

~ Mary Kay McCall, Media Specialist, Cottonwood Elementary, Andover, KS

“As a teacher, I can truly say that Jefferson Knapp knows how to grab the attention of 6th graders!  The book trailers sure did the trick of sparking an interest in reading the first three books of his series.  My students were so eager to check them from the library and couldn’t wait to meet him in person.  Thanks, Jefferson, for allowing our students to experience your childhood through your stories!”

~ Katie Hahn, 6th Grade Reading, Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center, Garden City, KS

“In our ever declining culture, it is so refreshing to have books the students love that contain none of the occult, sex, coarse language and disrespect for adults. You are a blessing to our children…Keep on writing!”

~ Janet Bohren, Librarian, Central Christian School, Hutchinson, KS

“Jefferson Knapp took our 5th and 6th graders, along with assorted adults, on an exciting journey through his childhood.  The larger- than-life-size python is an instant attention grabber.  Jeff’s presentation held our unwavering attention for an hour.  He is a super entertainer and an outstanding promoter for both reading and writing.”

~ Kathy Machotka, Librarian, Charles O. Stones Intermediate Center, Garden City, KS

“Jefferson Knapp did an awesome job! He kept the students engaged with his stories, made them laugh, and left them wanting to read his books. He shared his challenges as an author and the importance of perseverance. He shared a story map and the process of starting with sketches and how the illustrator brings his magic to them. It was very worthwhile and enjoyable! He has added many readers at our school!” 

~ Sandra Moffatt, Library Media Specialist, Americus NLC, Americus, KS

“Jefferson Knapp is one of the best authors we have had at our school. His presentation, props and general love for kids was very inspirational to me as well as to the students. He was very good with the students, he seemed like one of the kids and they relate very well to that. If your school has a chance to have Jefferson Knapp, please do take that opportunity. He is a great presenter and the kids, as well as the teachers, will fall in love with him. Our school really did. When his next book comes out we as a school want to be the first to have him back.”

~ Mrs. Rita Carroll, Librarian, Eisenhower Elementary, Wellington, KS

“I was worried that after 30 minutes of PE, our students would be wound up and unable to settle down. But Jefferson knows how to relate to kids. Within minutes, the students were engaged in his presentation. When the time was up, they couldn’t believe forty minutes had passed. Before he left, all six copies of the book were checked out, with another 16 students and teachers on the waiting list. Several students told me they have decided to be a writer, too. There was still a lot of buzz over the book and his presentation at the end of the school year. Your students are going to love this series and Jefferson Knapp.”

~ Teresa Reid, Librarian, Seal Elementary, Douglass, KS

“I love what Jefferson talks and writes about!  He takes everyday events, adds a tiny bit of magic, and makes wonderful stories.  He makes you think that, yes, that stinky old dog you love so much might just be something more.  His books make you see that the world around you could have really wondrous things happening in it that you have no clue about!” 

~ Maureen Conn, Media Specialist, Grandview Elementary, Junction City, KS


Oklahoma Schools

“If you’re looking for an author to visit your school, you won’t go wrong with Jefferson Knapp. He was a HUGE hit at our school, with students AND teachers. His stories of his childhood were relatable and fun.  He presented to our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders for an hour, and it seemed like the time just flew by! We were so impressed with his props and presentation, including showing how simple sketches transformed into amazing covers by his illustrator. His message about perseverance was great! He has an amazing connection with students and I am constantly asked when he will be back to visit our school. It was by far the easiest and best author visit I have ever had! Can’t wait to have him back!”

~ Andrea James, Media Specialist, Catalayah Elementary, Claremore, OK

“Jefferson, thank you so much for your visit to Rockdale Elementary.  Our students and faculty enjoyed listening to you speak about your writing career and what inspired you for your stories.  Since your visit, the three books we have in our library have been rotating in and out on a regular basis. Students are very excited about reading your books.  We will be looking forward to the rest of the books in the series!” 

~ Darcy Riley, LMS, Rockdale Elementary, Miami, OK

“Jefferson Knapp was awesome!  He has a great story to tell, which sparks the interest of the kids to read his books.  Our kids loved it, he really kept their attention.  I can’t keep the books in the library!  I would recommend his presentation and his books.” 

~ Kathy Stephens, Librarian, Locust Grove Upper Elem., Locust Grove, OK

“Jefferson Knapp’s imagination takes us outdoors to a world of great characters, great adventures, and great friendships. Our students were captivated and are still talking about the author and his books.”

~ Leslie Rice, Librarian, Nichols Elementary, Miami, OK

“We had such a great visit from Jefferson Knapp.  He kept over two hundred 3rd -5th graders mesmerized by his pictures and stories.  He explained how to write about what you know and that it takes work to get a book published.  I have not been able to keep his books on the library shelves since his visit.”

~ Kimberly Takahashi, Woodrow Wilson Librarian, Bartlesville, OK


Texas, Missouri and Nebraska Schools

“Jefferson Knapp’s author visit was a smashing hit at my school. He captivated the students with stories of his childhood shenanigans and pets. The slide show and his humongous snake replica is still the talk of the school! The kids cannot wait to get their hands on his books.”

~ Brenda Speck, Media Specialist, Cox Elementary, Cedar Park, TX

“Engaging and entertaining!! The students felt like they had been friends with Jefferson forever. His boyhood stories set up the story, reeled them in, and had them listening to every word. He even had them thinking of their own story ideas!”

~ Diane Rausch, Block House Creek Librarian, Leander, TX

“Jefferson Knapp is by far the best author that Caruthersville Elementary had visit that captivated the student’s attention from the beginning and kept it the entire time. The presentation was informative, entertaining and engaging for the students and teachers. He inspired and motivated our reluctant readers. His love for children was apparent in the way he interacted with the students. The childhood stories of growing up with pets and his sense for adventure was something the students could relate to. He was an inspiration to the students on how he turned his stories into books. The students love his books and Mr. Knapp’s writing style makes his books so easy to read. I highly recommend having him visit your school. It was a wonderful experience and you will not be disappointed!”

~ Kim Ray, Librarian, Portageville Elementary, Portageville, MO

“It is rare to find an author who can combine the art of writing appealing books for children, and at the same time, be a captivating presenter. Using a real-life snake prop, Jefferson Knapp told stories about his characters, the setting of his books, and the action/events that kept my intermediate grades enthralled and interested. He also provided a writer’s viewpoint of what’s important when deciding the story elements in his books.”

~ Donna Shelton, Librarian, Caruthersville Elementary, Caruthersville MO

“Jefferson Knapp is an engaging and entertaining author! The students and staff loved how he turned his childhood adventures into a story collection!”

~ Kristine White, Librarian, Raymond Central Elementary, Ceresco, NE

“Jefferson was an outstanding speaker at our school. The students were fascinated with his props, pictures and story. He held the students’ attention and they were sad when he had to leave. We are looking forward to his return visits.”

~ Pamela Fulbright, Title I Teacher

“Our author visit with Jefferson Knapp was interesting, exciting, and engaging!  My students continue to talk about his books and are motivated to read, read, read.  Mr. Knapp relates well to students and knows how to capture their attention.  He brought his giant “villain” snake and it was hit.  I highly recommend Mr. Knapp for a school author visit.  He is fantastic!”

~ Debbie Baker – Media Specialist – Mathews Elementary School, Nixa, MO