The Kingdom Series

A long-kept secret. The death of a king. A mysterious collar and a hidden kingdom of animals. Benjamin Biggs is called upon to destroy the monster that killed his dog and save the kingdom at the end of the driveway. Accompanied by a rat-terrier, pot-bellied pig and a fainting goat and armed with a backpack of fireworks, Bejamin Biggs embarks upon The Brave Journey.
"If I told you this book was full of action and mystery with talking animals, you’d probably laugh. “The Hardy Boys” meets “Narnia.” Ultimately, my best comparison would be “Charlotte’s Web” on steroids. Creative, unique, memory-evoking steroids."
Jaime Simpson, Augusta Gazette
The Brave Journey
208 pages. Eight black and
white illustrations by Tim Ladwig.
The carcass of a 25-foot python decays in the old ivy-covered barn. The kingdom is now safe...or is it? Talk of King Pugsly's long lost son fills the cavern with anticipation. Now, however, urgent news from Persly's Woods is that a massive gathering of animals waits to be escorted safely to the kingdom for fear of a new unseen terror. Forces from all sides collide and loyalties are divided as Benjamin Biggs must find The Rightful Heir.
"The book will keep readers turning the pages to find out what awaits Benjamin and his animal friends as they strive to protect their kingdom. “The Rightful Heir” is a wonderful follow-up to “The Brave Journey”."
Julie Clements, Editor, The El Dorado Times
The Rightful Heir
240 pages. Nine black and white
illustrations by Tim Ladwig.
The Watermelon Queen is missing! A pug is trapped inside the belly of a giant snake! Haverhill’s only hope is Benjamin Biggs. With the do-nothing King Mac on the throne, Benjamin must get to Hermit Hill to rescue Jessica Howell from a snake twice the size as Farangis. There are worse things, however, than snakes out there. With Jonah’s predicament, his brother Mac is left to ponder what’s more important – family or the throne? Before all can be resolved, first must come The Ending Feud.
"The Ending Feud, a riveting spine-tingler, interspersed with humor, will surpass your expectations, leave you breathless and on the edge of your seat right to the last jaw-dropping line."
Cheryl Rife, Library Media Specialist
The Ending Feud
208 pages. Eight black and
white illustrations by Tim Ladwig.
A sudden loss in Haverhill leaves an old friend behind. Augustus and Allister Biggs have just the thing to get Bud Persly's mind off of his mother's death - the mysterious, yet charming, J.Q. Lazarus and his quirky band of carnies. With their camp set up on Band's land for their upcoming carnival, a question is forming among the locals. What are their true intentions? One thing is for sure, Haverhill will forever be changed after The Traveling Carnival.
"With an imagination as wide as the plains, Jefferson Knapp takes us on a wild, ominous journey. Amid the darkness there is always light, the birthplace of monsters and the creation of a sweet magical kingdom that shines in the moonlight."
Nancy Terry, Au.D.
The Traveling Carnival
208 pages. Eight black and
white illustrations by Tim Ladwig.
The lush forest of Persly's Woods has now become dead and desolate and the man whom the forest was named back! Learning the secret of a bell given to him the previous fall, Benjamin Biggs must reunite with old friends and seek the help of new ones in order to save the land from destruction. A promise made 60 years before has finally come to pass in The Grave Pursuit.
"The past has caught up with the present in the fifth installment in The Kingdom at the End of the Driveway series. With new characters introduced, this saga gets even grander as it builds up to the finale. The last page rewards us with what we’ve waited for since The Ending Feud.
Bring on Book Six!"
Ron Baker–New York Knicks Basketball Shooting Guard
The Grave Pursuit
199 pages. Eight black and
white illustrations by Tim Ladwig.